Relationships and Health Education (RHE)

Relationships and Health Education Consultation 

From September 2020, it is a statutory requirement that all schools in England and Wales are teaching Relationship and Sex Education as a fundamental part of the curriculum.

As part of implementing the RSE curriculum, schools must consult with the children, parents, staff and trustees to ensure there is a general consensus on our approaches to policy and the curriculum content.

As part of this, parents, staff and trustees, will be asked to read through the following two documents and make comments on them. The two documents that you are asked to read as part of the consultation will be:

-PHSE (Personal, Social, Health Education) Policy 2020 

-Changing Me content

We have provided three leaflets below, to support you with your understanding for the requirements of Relationship and Health Education.

-DfE Guide for Parents

-Jigsaw – Relationship Education, Health Education and Sex Education in the primary school.

-Jigsaw – Including and valuing all children.

As will have read in the policy, as an academy we have chosen not to cover sex education through PSHE teaching. Therefore, there is no content to opt out of, however, if you would like to discuss any concerns, please contact