Reception Class

Who Am I? – Autumn 2019

Our first topic of the year is ‘Who Am I?’ The children will be exploring what is special about them and discussing similarities and differences within the class. During the first week the children will bring in a favourite teddy from home whilst they explore their new classroom and get to know their new teacher and friends. During the week the children will compare their teddies and discuss what is special about them. At the end of the week we will have a ‘teddy bear picnic’ where the children have the opportunity to make sandwiches to eat with biscuits and fruit during the picnic. During this time, we will discuss healthy eating and food hygiene whilst preparing and eating food.

We start the school year off creating special boxes with the children. These boxes are brought into school in the first week and contain lots of photographs of people, pets and objects that are special to the children. These boxes are kept on display all year and the children love looking at them and discussing them with friends or sharing them with adults who come to visit. This develops children’s Personal, Social and Emotional Development and encourages Communication and Language skills early on in the year as children share little bits of themselves with the teachers and their friends.

As part of the ‘Who Am I?’ topic, the children will create self-portraits to stick into the front of their writing journals. We will look closely at the detail on our faces and think carefully about the shape of our eyes, nose and lips. We will also be discussing how to create different colours and select which paintbrush to use for different features. In Literacy we will use the book Handa’s Surprise by Eileen Browne to create story maps to help us retell the story and write about what different families may look like.

During this half term, we will also be looking at the book Funny Bones by Janet and Allen Ahlberg. The children will be discovering how their bodies work and what is inside them. This will link to their physical development where the children will learn how to keep their bodies strong and healthy. We will observe the effects of exercise on our bodies, discussing our heart, how fast it beats when exercising, how we breathe more heavily when we are really exercising hard.

We will end the half term by learning about Diwali discovering who celebrates the festival of light. The children will learn about Rama and Sita and discuss other festivals they may celebrate at home.