Year 1

If you go down to the woods today what will you see?

We are starting the autumn term with our fantastic topic ‘The Enchanted Wood’. We are beginning our learning based around our first text ‘Bog Baby’, this fits nicely as the Bog Baby we discover is found in the woods. We also learn how babies should be looked after as we look after our very own Bog Baby in class. We will then move on to our second text ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. Through topic we will be learning about the different types of trees, their structure and why they are important. We will also be learning how to name and identify a variety of common animals that would be found in woodlands in the UK. We are also going to be doing a lot of artwork where we will be creating fantastic drawings of woodland animals before making our them out of clay and building a den for them in our school woodland area. We are very excited about this term!