Year 1

Beachcombers – Summer Term Topic

Would you like to be beside the seaside? During the Summer term we will investigate how seaside holidays have changed overtime.  We will look at the dangers pollution and plastic to the Oceans, create maps and use keys to locate seaside destinations. We will create sea-creatures and have fun building sandcastles.

Significant Individuals

During Spring term, we will be looking at how the work of Florence Nightingale and Edith Cavell has influenced us today.

To immerse our children in their learning, we will take part in a workshop with ‘Fresh Water Theatre Company’ who will help us understand the life of Florence and the work she did through drama and role play.

We will investigate and research their life’s, discover the work they did and how it’s impacted on us today. We will compare their work to help us create an information text.

We will study the work of Paul Klee and use his work to inspire us to create our own Florence Nightingale art work. We will create a structure of a hospital to show hospitals in the past and today to help us work on out skills to join, tear and select materials.










Memory Lane

Can you remember being small? Being a baby learning to crawl? Can you remember your favourite toy?
During our topic we will look back events that have taken place, look at how events over time have changed and think of what is special to us and create a memory box.
We will be looking at the history of toys, holidays, travel etc and comparing it with how it differs to today.
We have enjoyed a fantastic school trip to help enthuse our learning to Sudbury Hall Museum where we got to focus on the change in toys over different periods of time.
Our topic Memory Lane links well with our focus on materials in Science as we will look at the use of materials to make toys and how the materials have changed over time to make certain toys