Year 2

Year Two Spring Term Topic  ‘Our World Map’

Do the people of Ghana have the same life as us?
During our topic we will be retelling the story of ‘Meerkat Mail’. We will be learning some African dancing and music in preparation for our Powerful Project. We will be learning about Ghana and finding out about the similarities and differences between life there and our everyday life in England. To support our understanding of the world that we live in we will be locating and identifying all of the continents and oceans. We will also be completing artwork that is inspired by the Adrinka art and the Kente cloth designs as well as animal silhouettes

Year 2 Autumn Term Topic –  Street Detectives

‘Street Detectives’ enables the children to be a Detective and discover the local area around them. Throughout this topic, they will be exploring buildings, schooling and the surrounding area of Stockton Brook and comparing it from the Victorian Era to the Modern Day. We will encourage the children to discuss life growing up in the area with family so that they begin to understand how things change over time. During the topic some of the things we will look at are maps, keys on a map, bird’s eye view of the area as well as our school in the Victorian times compared to how it is today.