Year 3

The Stone Age

Could you survive the Stone Age?

To start off the new year, we will be travelling back to when the first sign of life appeared on Earth in the Stone Age!

This topic will mainly be focusing around the history element of the Stone Age and exploring Stone Age life. This will include finding out about the homes people lived in, the food they ate, the tools they used and the art they created. We will also have the opportunity to learn how to make Stone Age tools with our visit from Outback2Basics – the real life Stone Age men!

The children will also find out where in the world people lived during the Stone Age and will be using atlas’ to find these on a world map!

Writing is an important part of our topic and on top of our English lessons being based on a Stone Age book, the children will also have the opportunity to write instructions on how to build a Stone Age tool and a guide on ‘How to Survive the Stone Age’

Proud to be a Potter

Who is the master potter?

During the autumn term we will be looking at the pottery industry in Stoke-On-Trent. We will focus on some of the famous pottery makers Emma Bridgewater, Clarice Cliff and Wedgewood where we will look at their designs and patterns and create our own based on their work and then choosing our favourites and creating a piece of pottery. We will gain inspiration from visiting the Wedgewood factory and taking part in a workshop. Our topic has links to the class text we will be focusing on ‘Oliver Twist’ as we will be looking at the impact the factories have had.