Year 5

 Make a Splash.

‘How can we rescue our rivers?’

We will be reflecting on the value and importance that water has in our lives, as well as looking at the Water Cycle and considering the journey that water goes on before reaching us. We will be looking at the effects that pollution and Global warming are having on our Water, which we will then use to create a piece of artwork.

We will also be looking at rivers and their features. As a class we will also locate and consider the importance of famous rivers in the United Kingdom.

In English, we will begin by looking at deeply moving and inspirational text called ‘A Long Walk to Water’, which will help us reflect even further on the value of water.

As our powerful project we will be putting what we know about the very topical issue of plastic pollution to use and writing a letter to dissuade companies from using plastics (specifically straws).


Do we have what it takes to be a Greek God?

This term Year 5 will be stepping back even further in time to help us discover: ‘Do you have what it takes to be a Greek God?’ We will be learning about where Greece is, and what the Ancient Greek Empire was like. We will also be comparing life in Ancient Greece to life in Greece today as well as considering why people visit the country. As a class we will be studying Greek vases, and using our art and D&T skills to design and create our own. Throughout our English lessons we will be exploring a number of Greek Myths and Legends to inspire our fabulous writing.


Blitz and Pieces

In class 5 we will be learning about World War 2 and focusing on the question: ‘WW2: how has it helped me and you?’. We will be exploring the key events and dates associated with the war, and locating the countries and continents involved. We will also be developing out creative skills in D&T by creating Gas Mask. We will be looking at a number of texts, which will give us different perspectives of World War 2. We will be reading Friend or Foe, Rose Blanche and Anne Frank. These texts will be the focus for our writing in English. Our learning will be further enhanced by an educational visit.