Year 5

Summer Term 2019 – Across the Pond: Can we compare the USA and the UK?

This term, we will be learning all about water in our water study. For this we will take part in a fun-filled, exciting adventure to Stanley Head! We will publish a leaflet all about rivers for visitors and staff at Stanley Head to enjoy. 
After this, we will jump ‘across the pond’ to North America! In this geography based project, we will compare the USA and the UK. 


Spring Term 2019 – Ancient Greece: Is it all a myth?

This term, Year 5 will take a trip back to one of the most fascinating civilisations in history as we and discover Ancient Greece and all it has to offer. We will discover the people, the inventions, the art, the technology, the mythology and so much more as we work our way through a series of fun lesson and activities. We will be learning about where Greece is, and what the Ancient Greek Empire was like. We will also look at the daily life of the Ancient Greeks, as well as creating our own Greek works of art. 







Autumn Term 2018 – Blitz and Pieces

In class 5 we will be learning about World War 2 and focusing on the question: ‘WW2: If we don’t remember them, who will?’

We will be exploring the key events and dates associated with the war, and locating the countries and continents involved. We will also be developing our creative skills in art and D&T by creating poppies to commemorate the lives lost in war, and by creating gas masks. We will be looking at a number of texts, which will give us different perspectives of World War 2. We will be reading Friend or Foe, Rose Blanche and Anne Frank. These texts will be the focus for our writing in English. Our learning will be further enhanced by an educational visit.