Year 6

Ancient Egyptian – Awesome or Awful?

This term year 6 are going to be studying the Ancient Egyptians with our big question being ‘Ancient Egyptians –Awesome or Awful?’ This engaging topic will take the children on a journey to Egypt where they will learn about the geographical features of the country; explore the pyramids and the study role of the Egyptian Gods in their influence over believes and rituals. To support the topic, in English we will study ‘Cleopatra – Escape down the Nile’ which will follow a young Cleopatra on her journey to the throne. This will be followed by journalism, which will be a more in depth opportunity to research the famous boy king Tutankhamen and produce newspaper articles on his discovery. To support this topic year 6 will be visiting Manchester Museum to participate in an interactive workshop as well as see Egyptian artefacts including a real mummy. In art and D&T we will be designing and making canopic jars using moulding techniques out of clay and will also be writing in hieroglyphics.

What makes a Rainforest Remarkable?

This term, year 6 are going to take a journey to the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil where they will find out what makes a ‘Rainforest Remarkable’. We will discover the types of animals and plants which call this habitat their own and how they have adapted to ensure their survival. We will explore the Mayan civilisation and also famous explorers who discovered South America such as Christopher Columbus.

We will be looking at trade links and what products we have here in the UK which have been sourced from rainforests around the world. As scientists we will be covering the topics of ‘Living things and their habitats’ as well as ‘Evolution and Inheritance’. These topics will have links to the rainforest where appropriate and the children will become familiar with a range of organisms and their characteristics. We will also be exploring how things have evolved overtime, including inherited characteristics from family members. As artists we will be using the colourful rainforest as our inspiration for both art and design and technology. We will explore the work of artist Henri Rousseau to create our own jungle inspired art work, and use a range of techniques to design and create our own rainforest flower. In D&T we will use sewing techniques, to create 3D Bean Bag dart frogs.

In English we will study the book ‘Journey by the River Sea’ by Eva Ibbotson. This classic adventure will interest the children as it is a perfect link to our Rainforest topic. The children will be captivated from the start as they follow a young orphan on her journey to the Amazon where she has many adventures along the Amazon River. The children will cover a range of genres as we progress through the book including letter and diary writing; our reading comprehension lessons will also be based on the children’s reading in class. As the term progresses we will then look at non-fiction persuasive writing, with the Rainforest issues being at the heart of the focus.