Year 6

South America – Secrets of the rainforest. Autumn term

Year 6 will be exploring South America and looking closely at the depths of the rainforest during the autumn term. We begin by exploring the continent of South America – the countries that it consists of and the human and physical feature found there. We will then carry out a more in depth study of Brazil with a particular focus on the rainforest found there. We will discover the types of animals and plants which call this habitat their own and how they have adapted to ensure their survival. We will be looking to see what impact we have on these special habitats. To support our learning we will be visiting Chester Zoo where we will be learning about the animals and plants that inhabit rainforests. We are hoping to work alongside Chester Zoo to look at the impact that Palm oil is having on our remarkable rainforests. Due to COVID-19, if educational visits are not permitted, then we will be having an exciting experience in school.