Year 3

We would like to welcome you to the Year 3 page.


Our Team

We have a fantastic team in Year 3, including Miss Rowe, Miss Thompson and Mrs Potts-Hewson. Together as a team we strive to ensure all children succeed and thrive in everything they do.

Our Aim

It’s a big transition for children as they enter into KS2. During their time in Year 3 pupils are given the opportunity to continue to develop their transferable skills such as; communication, independence and teamwork, whilst building upon the vital foundations that are needed in order to prepare them for the challenges of Upper Key Stage 2.

Our Values

All children are encouraged to follow the ‘Big 5’ and this ethos is embedded into their daily routine. It is important that children take on more responsibility, be confident, set themselves new challenges and be excellent role models for the younger children within our school.

Our Curriculum

A cross-curricular approach to learning is at the heart of Year 3, and we tailor the learning around the children’s previous knowledge and areas of interests. At the end of each topic we will produce a real project outcome. This enables a real purpose to learning.